Patagonia Preserve

Patagonia Preserve, Patagonia Arizona

In horizontal land developments, my values include community enhancing amenities and natural conservation features attractive to the Baby Boom generation.
For example, in Patagonia Arizona, the former Lazy R.R. ranch, which I purchased with partners in 2005, is ideally located on the edge of an eclectic town with dramatic mountains and authentic ranching traditions, a great coffee shop, and world class bird-watching, but is just 1 hour from Tucson International Airport and the renown Tucson medical facilities.

In this case, the property was valued on its agricultural capacity, not its recreational or development value. The business plan prior to my sale of my interest in the development was to unlock added recreational and development values by sensitive development combined with conservation easements.

The conservation of land not only saved habitat and open space for the community, but also enhanced values for buyers- a classic double bottom line.