Sunflower Management

Sunflower was a wonderful business experience.  As an owner operator and buyer of apartments, property management was a necessity for Nathaniel Pulsifer.

Pulsifer acquired a portfolio of management contracts from friend and mentor Buck Blessing in 2005, and started Sunflower Management from that core.  This jump from self management to third party management and small busienss ownership was a major turning point.

The company grew from 3 to 18 employees in 2 years, from 80 units under management to over 400, and was sold prior to Pulsifer’s move to Montana in 2007.

The lessons from Sunflower allowed for the seamless takeover of the Riverwood apartments in 2007.  This meant bringing the property and its management staff from a yellow-pad and Quicken home office management system into the digital age, with an offsite hosted ASP solution from RentManager for  property and financial management, a new chart of accounts, and full training in proper trust compliant accounting and tenant management .

This management ability and familiarity with best practices and legalities of third party management, plus Pulsifer’s experience managing physical renovations and improvements, made the Riverwood project a reality.