1997-2001- Acquire, Renovate, and sell Various Single Family Homes, Colorado Springs Colorado

2001- Present, Acquire, Reposition, and sell Various Apartment communities, Colorado Springs and Oregon.

2005-2007, Sunflower Management- Acquisition of existing business.  Growth through training, new clients, new service. Successful busienss sale, 2007

2004-2005, Conservation Properties Inc- Acquisition and development of conservation focused land development.  Patagonia Preserve purchased in 2005.

2005- Acquisition, condo conversion and sales, Meadow Wood Apartments, Medford Oregon. 85 Units

2007 Acquisition, Reposition, Condo Conversion of Riverwood Apartments, Grants Pass, Oregon.  171 Units

2007- Acquisition, rehab, condo conversion and sale of Telemark Apartments, Whitefish Montana.  8 Units

2009- Startup of Annuity Straight Talk

2013- Sale of Riverwood Apartments

2009- Present- Annuity Straight Talk and its derivations have evolved into a national, web based annuity marketing operation, including retail websites, wholesale services, and a preeminent position in the niche of Secondary Market Annuities.