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Annuity Straight Talk New Look

The flagship Annuity Straight Talk continues to grow, evolve, and improve.  Serving thousands of customers, we find the msssage of ‘straight talk’ and clarity is appealing, enduring, and strong. Thanks to all our customers for their faith and business!

Internet Businesses

Since 2008 I have been active in building online properties in a variety of niches, primarily in financial services and retirement. Following the same demographic trends that spurred the real estate projects, these new ventures add value to a large number of people nationwide. Locally, I launched Montana Trade Exchange in September, 2011, to serve […]

Asset Management

In the  of Fall 2010, Pulsifer Investments, LLC was asked by a long time partner Rocky Mountain Development Group to take on a role as asset manager for their growing portfolio of Low Income Housing Tax Credit properties.  The assignment is a perfect fit to capitalize on Pulsifer’s strengths and experience in the ownership, management, […]


The Riverwood is an ambitious purchase of 171 units in Grants Pass, Oregon. The property is a classic case where the sum of its parts is worth more than the whole. Built in phases from 1991 to 2001, the 171 units broke down to 120 units of quality apartments, 30 units of townhomes suited to […]

Patagonia Preserve

Patagonia Preserve, Patagonia Arizona In horizontal land developments, my values include community enhancing amenities and natural conservation features attractive to the Baby Boom generation. For example, in Patagonia Arizona, the former Lazy R.R. ranch, which I purchased with partners in 2005, is ideally located on the edge of an eclectic town with dramatic mountains and […]

Sunflower Management

Sunflower was a wonderful business experience.  As an owner operator and buyer of apartments, property management was a necessity for Nathaniel Pulsifer. Pulsifer acquired a portfolio of management contracts from friend and mentor Buck Blessing in 2005, and started Sunflower Management from that core.  This jump from self management to third party management and small […]

Meadow Wood Condos

Meadow Wood Apartments, Medford Oregon: Supply constrictions and replacement costs are our core determinants of value in improved property projects, such as apartments, condo conversions, and vertical construction. Management problems layered on top of these fundamentals are our forte, and add still more value for investors when solved. The Meadow Wood is an 85 property […]